Custom Metal Part Fabrication

LGS Technologies custom fabricates metals of all gauges. We provide precision stampings, using both progressive and compound hard tooling dies. Formed profiles are done on our press brakes by a staff with years of experience and aided by CNC programs. Thinner material is cut with steel rule dies produced in our in-house die shop. Metal foil can be kiss cut to a liner or rotary die cut.

LGS also fabricates component parts and sub-assemblies that consist of metal bonded to other substrates, both with or without fasteners. Your options for metal fabrication are vast. Just take a look at some of the capabilities LGS has to offer:

  • Laser
  • Water Jet
  • CNC Turret Punch Press
  • CNC Mills
  • Punch presses up to 275 tons
  • Press brakes up to 400 tons
  • High-speed presses
  • Rotary
  • EDM Wirecutter
  • CNC Lathe

Metals and their Alloys

  • Aluminum: All
  • Copper: Beryllium Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phosphor Bronze
  • Nickel: Monel, Inconel
  • Steel: Carbon Steel, Hot Rolled Steel, Coll Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized
  • Titanium: n/a
  • Silver: n/a
Metal Metal Alloy Description
Aluminum   Light-weight; good strength at sub-zero temperature; corrosion resistant; highly conductive; non-magnetic; light reflective
Copper   Excellent conductor of heat and electricity; non-magnetic; good corrosion resistance
  Beryllium Copper Very high electric conductivity with good heat resistance; spring material available
  Carbon Steel Made up of mostly carbon and relies on the carbon content for its structure
  Alloy Steel Steel combined with iron and one or more elements in addition to carbon. Allows the properties of steel to be changed.
  Hot Rolled Rolled into flat rolled sheets after reheated. It can be purchased with scale on its surface or pickled and oiled, which removes the scale by acid etching and oil coated for rust protection.
  Cold Rolled Steel that reduces the thickness without first reheating it. It produces a smoother surface that is easier to machine.
  Galvanized Steel Steel that is coated with a layer of zinc that provides greater corrosion resistance.
  Stainless Steel Formed by adding an additional 12% chromium to iron. This protects the iron against most corrosion or red-colored rust.