Specialty Tapes

LGS Technologies carries a full line of tapes to meet any possible customer requirement. Whether your needs are electrical, protection, masking, circuit boards, packaging, or simply general use, LGS can provide the solution. Kapton, fiberglass, polyester, UHMW, paper, aluminum, copper and other specialty tapes are all available. LGS can slit tapes to width or provide you with custom cut parts. This includes kiss cutting on a roll for production convenience.

Tapes are used today more and more for all types of applications—everything from everyday maintenance to PCB protection and beyond. LGS will help you to match your needs to the best available tape.

Things to Consider

The following questions are things to keep in mind when selecting the best tape solution for your application:

  • What is your maximum temperature requirement?
  • Do you require fiberglass reinforcement?
  • What level of chemical resistance do you require?
  • What level of dielectric strength do you require?
  • What is your required backing thickness?
  • Do you require your tape to be on a liner?