Custom Specialty Adhesives

The days of simply applying a "standard" adhesive are over. We at LGS Technologies understand that the demands of the marketplace are extending beyond the substrate and into the adhesives field. We can help you match your application to a proper adhesive for maximum performance. Whether you require and acrylic, rubber or silicone-based adhesive, LGS is there for you. Let us help you navigate through the many choices available and select the adhesive designed to best fit your needs.

Adhesive Issues

  • High Surface Energy vs. Low Surface Energy
  • Carrier (supported) vs. Free Film (conformable)
  • Initial tack vs. Long-term cohesion
  • Rubber, Acrylic or Silicone
  • Matching adhesive to each substrate

Things to Consider

The following questions are things to keep in mind in determining the correct adhesive for your application:

  • What adhesive type to use (acrylic, rubber or silicone)?
  • What thickness do you need?
  • What are your temperature requirements?
  • What are your substrates?
  • What level of bond strength do you need?
  • What level of chemical resistance do you require?