Thermally Conductive Materials

As electronic devices are getting smaller and faster, they are also resulting in more heat build-up within the system. You want to protect your equipment from slower speeds, less reliability, or the unspeakable complete failure. An efficient thermal management system consists of three components:

  • The Electronic Device
  • The Interface Gap
  • Heat Sinks and/or Heat Spreaders

The interface gap is inevitable because of the micro-gaps and voids between the two mating surfaces. Optimal performance of the heat dissipation system requires the air voids be filled with a thermally conductive interface product.

  • Interface Gasketing: thin gauge material
  • Gap Pad Fillers: thick gauge—from .10 to .250
  • Phase-change Interface Gasketing and Tape: material softens to fill imperfections in metal surfaces
  • Adhesives and Adhesive Tapes: for bonding and laminating to other substrates
  • Grease Encapsulants: not a solid form

Things to Consider

The following recommended steps will help you determine the correct thermal interface material for your application:

  1. Determine electrical requirements.
  2. Determine the interface gap.
  3. Determine the contact pressure.
  4. Choose the lowest thermal resistance.
  5. Determine if a mechanical fastener will be used.
  6. Determine if there are any flame retardant requirements.
  Sil-Pad® KA-10 Gap Pad™ VOUltra Soft Sil-Pad® A2000 Hi-Flow™ 625 Hi-Flow™ 225 F-AC
Thermal Resistance C -in2/W 0.2 2.0 - 12.0 0.02 0.25 0.25
Thermal Conductivity 1.3 W/m K 1 W/m K 3.5 W/m K 1.0 W/m K 1.0 W/m K
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage 5000 AC-min. >6kV 4000 AC-min. 4000 volt N/A
Dielectric Constant 5 5.5 7 3.5 N/A
Continuous Use Temp. -60°C to 150°C -60°C to 200°C -60°C to 200°C 150°C 120°C
Description Excellent thermal performance with good cut-through properties High conformity allows this pad to fill void and gaps between heat sinks and metal chassis Highly preferred, high reliability Electrically isolating, easy to handle phase change material without shipping or handling problems High performance thermal interface grease replacement